Sunday, May 10, 2009

Prom time

This last Friday night was the Priest/Laurel Prom (at church). Amanda and her friend, Lilly, met at Hannah's house, where they all got ready. There was lots of laughing, giggling and goofing around. They finally got ready, we took the required pictures and they left. They went to one church building, where they ate dinner - and then to another church building for the dance. Amanda looked so pretty in her dress. She did a great job picking it out.


April Bishop said...

Gorgeous girl! I love the dress, especially the back. And I love her hair all straight with the little braid. She looked so pretty at church today as well.

The Roberts' said...

Thank you, thank you very much!! I loved my dress too! I got A LOT of comments on my hair!! Everybody loved it! I'm thinking this hair do is a winner. And this is a dress that I'll actually be willing to wear more than once. =]

Haley said...

I really like the colour of that red prom dress! I go to a small school and our prom hasn't happened yet, but I still don't have a dress. But I like that style and colour so maybe I'll look for one like it :) Very pretty!