Sunday, April 27, 2008

What an AWESOME Day for Our Family......

Andy was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints tonight. It was very exciting to see him take this step. There were alot of people from church that came to show him their love and support. As a matter of fact, it was held in the chapel, because everyone wouldn't have fit into any of the other rooms! Amanda and I played a piano/flute duet called "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" and Samantha led the music for the opening and closing songs. Both girls did a GREAT job! Both Andy and I were very proud of them! Dad (Grandpa, Great-Grandpa), flew up here for the weekend to join us in this special occasion. It was wonderful to see him again and be able to share this special event with him. Our good friend, Chad Hoover, baptized Andy and Dad perfomed the Confirmation. Here are a few pictures we took tonight.

Final Sport for the 7th Grade School Year........

I love to see Fastpitch (Softball, Baseball.....whatever the game) come around every school year. It always means the school year is about to come to a close and summer is on its way....YEAH! I can't believe yet another year is almost over - where does the time go! As you can tell, Sam made the Fastpitch team at school. Today was their first (and second) games of the season. It was a double-header, which meant we spent a good part of the day at the ballfield. They won both games....the first game was 34-9 and the second game was 23-13! They were really excited to win their first 2 games. Fortunatly, today was a nice sunny, warm day so we were able to enjoy the awesome weather while watching Sam do what she loves best.....PLAY BALL!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

What's that word again????? Spring????

Once again we've had some really bizzare weather! Yesterday afternoon it hailed so hard, there was about an inch on the ground within a matter of minutes, and this morning we woke up to big huge snowflakes coming down. It didn't take very long before we had a fair amount of snow on the ground. We went from the temp being in the low 80's last Saturday to the mid 40's this Saturday. We're beginning to wonder if we'll EVER see spring! (For more than a day.)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Daffodil Parade

Every year we look forward to the Daffodil Parade. Before Amanda started playing in the band, we only went if it wasn't cold and raining (which was about half the time). Now we go regardless of the weather, to show support for Amanda. We love to really embarass her as she marches by us by screaming out her name and telling her we love her. She tries not to smile and avoids looking at us - but I'm sure deep down she likes it. And if she doesn't like it - oh well......that's never stopped us from embarassing her before.

After seeing quite a bit of rain this past week, we've had AWESOME weather yesterday and today! The temp was in the low 80's today, which was great! It was so exciting to break out the capri's/shorts and t-shirts this morning! Even though we all got sunburned, it was nice to sit in the sun and enjoy the parade.

Spring Break Week

The girls invited various friends over during the week of Spring Break to spend the night and just hang out. Amanda bought a new game for the Wii, so they had fun playing her new purchase. Amanda also spent 2 days babysitting a little girl that she's been taking care of since the baby was 2 months old. We also watched several movies and just had fun spending time together.