Friday, May 29, 2009

It's a tough job........


One of the best things about my job are the field trips. Towards the end of the school year, there are lots of trips during the day that go to the various zoo's, plays and museums anywhere from here to Seattle. Well, yesterday I was able to get a trip to Northest Trek, which has animals that are native to the Pacific Northwest. There's an hour long tram ride that goes through a free-roam area where the animals are in their natural habitat. We saw deer, buffalo, sheep, a bald eagle, beaver, etc. There are also places to walk around to see owls, wolves, bears, cougars, bobcats..... This has been one of my favorite places to take the girls since we moved here. Anyway, yesterday I had the tough job of taking a group to Northwest Trek, dropping them off at the front gates, parking the bus and then being "forced" to spend 4 heavenly hours there wandering around, looking at the beautiful animals, trees, forest areas, etc that make Washington State so beautiful. It was a wonderful reminder of our Heavenly Father and the beauty He has provided for us.

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April Bishop said...

and to think you get paid for all the stressful working... How are the new neighbors?