Monday, July 25, 2011

Vacation 2011: 1st destination...Vera's home

The first destination of our vacation this year was to visit my neice, Vera. She lives in Davis, CA and owns her own funeral home. Her residence just happens to be above the funeral home, also. It had been 4 years since we'd visited her and I really don't know WHY we waited so long! :0) We had such a great time! We ate lots of yummy food, visited some really fun places and took lots of fun pictures. ( our opinion some of the pictures we took are fun. Some people, however, don't share our same opinion. You'll see why when you see some of the pictures.) :0)

Outside Vera's work and home!

Having a little fun in the embalming room.

After we visited Vera's Winters location, she let the girls drive the hearse home. It completely made their day!

How many people can say they had their picture taken INSIDE a casket and lived to tell about it???

The weather was so warm, it felt good to stand inside the cooler for a little bit. (Don't worry...there were no "customers" in there when we were taking advantage of the cool air.)

We took a walk through the arboritum. Such a beautiful place!

Can you tell the girls were hot and tired?

I forgot what this place was called, but it was SO YUMMY!! Noodle City? Something like that.

Best. Breakfast. Place. EVER!!!

Crepes!! I'd LOVE to have a place like this around here. (Or maybe it's a good thing we don't.)

We also went to Old Sacramento. We had never been there and it was definately worth it!