Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Meet Annabelle

She has some of the wierdest sleeping positions!

Sam was soaking in the bathtub, so she curled up on Sam's towel, which was on the floor, and kept her company.

You can see the extra toe on her front paws.

The girls have wanted a pet for a long time and last night we did it! We got a 10 week old orange and white tabby kitten. She's alot of fun to play with and watch. Tonight, as Sam was sitting on the floor in the front room doing homework, she was bouncing around Sam, grabbing at her pencil, smacking her notebook around, jumping onto her pencil case, etc. It is just so much fun to watch her. We've only had her for a day, and we've already fallen in love with her.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beautiful new smile!

No more tin grin.....

No more metal mouth......

No more railroad tracks.....

Sam is finally metal free! YEAH! She has been counting the days down since her last orthodontist appointment, when she was told the braces would come off with the next appointment. She'll be getting her retainers on Thursday of this week, but they'll be the removable kind. She's very excited to be able to eat whatever she wants now and not have to worry about things getting stuck in all the metal!

You look GEORGEOUS Sam!!

The orthodontist office gave her this little cake to celebrate her new smile!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Rodent Update........Part Two!

Ok - SO......I have this weird friend that was expecting to see a close-up picture of our little eating machine. :-) So for April, and any others that are equally as weird, here is a close-up picture of the little guy! I still think it's GROSS!

He must have fallen over on the glue board, because there was some hair on the glue and he had a bald spot! BLAH! (And, in Sam's words....he had the poo scared out of him!)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rodent update......

Well.....WE CAUGHT THE FURRY LITTLE THING!!! We went into the pantry this morning to check on our little eating machine - and sure enough, it was stuck to the glue board! (Thanks for the glue board, April....we will forever be in your debt!!!) Sam went into the pantry and came out telling me how sad it looked and how cute it was! (Cute??? Are you kidding me???) It was still alive and desperately trying to get off of it. There was no way I was going to pick it up and I was debating on going next door to get the teen-age boy to come over and get it, when Sam shocked me by volunteering to pick it up. I couldn't believe it! This from the girl who runs screaming and knocks down anyone in her path when she sees a spider! Anyway, I went out into the garage to get a small box to put it in and she got a plastic fork to turn the trap around so she could pick it up without reaching over it. (The rat was in the corner of the trap, closest to Sam.) She very calmly picked it up, put it in the box and took it outside. Whatever would I do without her!!

Weekend "fun" (or something like that).....

All week as I'm trying to make it through the work week - I look forward to the weekends, when I can spend a couple days with my girls, doing....well, whatever we do. This morning as I woke up, my head was filled with the plans we had made for today. Fun stuff like, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, etc. I also told the girls I'd treat them to a movie this afternoon, for a job well done on their report cards last week. However - my plans didn't go exactly as I'd planned. I went into our pantry to see what we needed at the grocery store, picked up a bag of cranberries and they started falling out of the bag from the bottom. I looked at the bottom of the bag and what did I see???? A hole that had been CHEWED into it. My next discovery was an enormous bag of pancake mix (think Costco size) with a few holes chewed into it. By the time I was finished, I had filled a big garbage can full of food that the little rodent had gotten into! What fun.... A friend of mine had a glue strip, so we put that in there (immediately!) and then I made a trip to Walmart tonight to get a few more glue strips (I figure the more - the better....right?!) I also purchased plastic containers to put our food into. I'm not taking any more chances! (Sorry - I don't have any pictures of our contaminated pantry.....I was too grossed out to even THINK of taking pictures!)

On the up-side of the day - Sam played in a church basketball game today. I love watching church sports. Along with watching Sam play, I get to hang out and visit with friends of mine from church. As for the movie - we saw "The Hannah Montana Movie". It's actually a pretty good movie. I really enjoyed seeing it.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Some have a little more wisdom than others.....

I took Amanda to the dentist earlier this week. After 17 years of no cavities, she had 4 for them! While we were there, they took an xray to check her wisdom teeth, since she is "that" age now. When they looked at the xray, they discovered that she has 5 wisdom teeth! When having a 5th wisdom tooth taken out, there is a good chance that it could go into the sinus cavity - therefore causing a more complicated surgery. After that little bit of information - Amanda has definitely decided on anesthesia!