Saturday, December 27, 2008

Passing the time on Christmas Eve Day

On Christmas Eve during the day, the girls and I went to Costco to do some shopping (it's actually less busy than the day before that). After we got home, Hannah and Alyx (friends of theirs since they were born) came over to help pass the time. They watched the movie, "Momma Mia" and then played the sing-along portion of the DVD and had a great time using their snapple bottles as microphones and sang along with the music. What a bunch of crazy girls! There's nothing like good friends to help pass the time and create some Christmas memories.

On Christmas Day, we hung out at home and relaxed. It was nice to spend the day relaxing after the crazy, busy Christmas rush.

Monday, December 22, 2008

White Christmas!

For the first time since we've moved here (18 years) it looks like we'll be having a white Christmas! It has snowed pretty much everyday for over a week. I have never seen this much snow around here. It is so incredibly pretty. I love to sit in the house, curled up in a blanket, watching a movie, with the snow falling outside. (With hot chocolate, of course!!) A couple kids from down the street came down this morning to see if Amanda could go outside and play with them. She used to babysit them and they love spending time with her. Our driveway is perfect for sleding down, too.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow and more snow

This is Sam's smowman from earlier this week. It's about 14" tall!

The girls went outside during the day while it was snowing.

Your never too old to make a snowman. Sam decided to make a "normal" sized snowman after we had enough snow to MAKE one.

More snow has fallen this week than we've seen in 5 years. The snow has been falling off and on all week. We would get an inch or two and then partially melt, snow a little more and then melt, etc. But yesterday it snowed all day and we ended up with about 7-8 inches by last night. I had to drop something off at my work, so the girls and I went for a walk last night. It was a lot of fun to walk around, looking at the beautiful snow. This morning when we got up we saw something else we haven't seen in awhile.......the SUN!! The combination of the sun and all that snow is absolutely amazing! Our Christmas break was suppose to have started after school today (Friday), but due to our weather we've been out of school since Wednesday. (School was 2 hours late on Monday and regular schedule on Tuesday....that's it for the week!) Around here, when we have snow, school is canceled due to the fact that we have alot of hills and back roads that the buses drive on. SO - our Christmas break just got longer and our summer vacation just got shorter.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let it Snow.....

The snow is like powder, which makes a snowball fight difficult.

What a wierdo!

We didn't get a lot of snow last night - but it's enough to play in. When the girls got up this morning, they immediately bundled up and ran outside.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Party and First Snow.....all in one night!

Poor Santa!!!!!

The program turned out really cute! That's Mary and Joseph, if you can't tell!

Tonight was our Ward Christmas Party. We ate a ham dinner, the Primary put on a really cute program and then Santa came to visit. Since I play the piano for Primary (on Sunday's), I played the piano for the program and since most everyone in our Ward knows how much I love taking pictures, I was also asked to takes pictures of the kids sitting on Santa's lap. It was fun to visit with people from our Ward and just be together.

When we went outside after the party, it was snowing! This is the earliest we've gotten snow in years! It was so incredibly pretty to watch it come down! I love it!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Head for the hills......

Even this tree (crooked and all) is better than the one we had last year!

Hannah and Amanda goofing off.

Sam and Hannah taking a little hike.

This last weekend we went out in the jeep again. It's always nice to get out of town and into the mountains. We were kind of looking for a Christmas Tree, but figured that if we didn't find one we liked, we would just go to a Christmas Tree Farm this next weekend. Last year we got a tree from the mountains, but it was kind of ugly...(ok, it was really ugly) - so the girls and I are determined to get a tree that has enough branches on it to actually hold our ornaments. (Think Charlie Brown tree before they decorated it!!!!) Anyway, we were able to go further up than we have ever been able to during winter due to lack of snow. Amanda's friend, Hannah, has been wanting to go jeeping with us so she went along, too. We met up with 10 other families and all went out together. It's nice to go with other people, that way if we get stuck someone else is there to pull us out.