Monday, May 11, 2009

Ladies and Gentleman! May I present......


Yes, folks - that's right! I have 2 amazing daughters! They went to alot of work yesterday to make sure I had an amazing Mother's Day. My day started off with Sam bringing me breakfast in bed. (She threatened me if I so much as stepped out of bed before she brought it to me!) She also made me a card that I absolutely love. She is so good at making things.

Then Amanda gave me a picture of the Salt Lake Temple that she made at Mutual and a "MOM" necklace. She did a great job on the picture and has really good taste in jewelery!

As you can tell - I have amazing daughters that made sure I had a fabulous Mother's Day! THANKS GIRLS! I love you and am very blessed to have you for my daughters!

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April Bishop said...

Totally cute card and great necklace. Nice job A & S. You deserve it Cristie! Happy Mother's Day!