Saturday, November 28, 2009

Quote of the Day!

Once again, I'm "stealing" my friend, April's, idea. I love her "quote of the day" posts and today I decided to do the same thing.

We were walking through a Christmas Tree Farm today, looking at the trees. We'd see a tree that had possibilities, walk around it....stand and look at it....think for a minute and then proceed on. I walked up to a tree that looked perfect, except for one problem. At that point, the following comments were made:

Me: Girls...this tree would be perfect if it were a little taller.
Amanda: Yeah....this tree makes SAM look tall!!

Can you feel the sisterly "love"??? Tee Hee!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

You brought WHAT home????

In Amanda's Child Development Class at school, they're required to bring home "a baby" for 3 days. They have a choice of either picking it up Monday and taking it back Thursday....or from Friday to Monday. Amanda decided to bring it home for the weekend shift, because she didn't want to take care of it during school (some teachers aren't real tolerant of it). The weekend she brought it home was the football play-off game up in Snohomish. Since she's in the band, she went to the game and had to take it with her. On Sunday, it went to church with her and she also had her college interview with the Stake President.

Whenever it cried she had 2 minutes to figure out what it "wanted". She had a bracelet with a sensor on her wrist and she had to pass it over the dolls tummy so that it knew she was the "mom". If she couldn't figure out what it wanted in that 2 minute time-frame, it would stop crying and her grade would go down. The first night it cried every 2-3 hours. The second night it cried every hour.

By the time Monday morning came she was exhausted and sleep-deprived.

Ahhh......welcome to "motherhood"!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

As the girls get older, our Halloween Evenings get easier and easer. I don't miss walking from house to house in the cold (and, sometimes, rain), trick or treating. But I do miss watching the excitement on their faces as they dressed up in their costumes and ran up and down the streets, from house to house.

This year our Halloween was relatively quiet. On Friday night, we carved pumpkins and had a great time doing it. The girls' pumpkins turned out really good. Mine, on the other hand....not so great! I wasn't really paying attention and cut a big huge hole in the middle of it!

On Saturday we made "mummy" and "monster finger" cookies.
That afternoon/evening, Amanda took a friend's daughter trick or treating at the mall and Sam went to a Halloween Party at a friends house. I played "taxi-cab" and dropped Sam off at her party, then went back out to pick her up! We didn't even have any trick or treaters at our home! (Which was really wierd! It didn't even seem like Halloween night!) Like I was a quiet weekend.