Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hmm....decisions, decisions!

We found out some exciting news tonight! Amanda was accepted into the University of Utah! I've been checking her application status online for the past few weeks and when I checked tonight - there it was!!! "Accepted"!!! Now she has a very important decision to make....SUU or U of U!!!??? I know she'll do great wherever she goes!!! I am so very proud of her!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Sam invited a friend over to spend the night tonight and they decided to get the nurf guns out for some fun. They had a great time running around the house, going up and down the stairs and hiding around corners. If you look closely in one picture, you can see the "bullets" stuffed into Sam's shorts! Nice place to put them, Sam!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

One foot out the door....

Amanda received her first college acceptance letter in the mail on Saturday! When I checked the mail and saw the envelope, I immediately grabbed the phone and called her to see if I could open it. She's been in Salt Lake for the past week, and I knew I wouldn't be able to stand the suspense until she got home! She's still waiting to hear back from a couple more colleges, but so far - she's been accepted to Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah! I told a friend of mine, "It's all becoming more realistic now! It's like she has one foot out the door." Sam finished my sentence by saying, "Yeah - and I'm pushing the other one out!" Aww.....such love!
I know she's worked hard to get this far and I'm so very proud of her!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Sam was getting ready for the dance, and she immediately ran downstairs to get some food!
I love traditions....especially when it means eating some yummy, yummy food! A good friend of mine and I have the greatest tradition going. About 4 years ago, I gave my friend, Florci, some white chocolate covered popcorn and she fell in love with it. She's Filipino and makes the greatest food ever, that I fell in love with about 10 years ago when she brought some into work. (Are you seeing a connection here, yet??) Ever since then, just before Christmas, the girls and I make 2 huge batches of white chocolate covered popcorn to give to Florci . (She gives it out in cute little containers to her friends for Christmas.) And, in return, she gives us Filipino food on New Year's Eve Day for our dinner. Aww.....wonderful, wonderful traditions!!!