Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas happenings....

We usually get our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, but since Amanda wasn't home from college yet, I promised her we'd wait until the next weekend (when she was home). SO, on the way home from the airport we stopped to get our tree. There are lots of U-Cut Christmas Tree farms around here, but it was raining (more like pouring) and we didn't necessarily want to wade through the mud and then kneel (or lay down) on the ground to cut it down. So, yet again, we broke a tradition and went to a tree lot with already cut trees. The guys at the lot even tied it to the top of our car, which I thought was very nice of them.

Amanda's favorite ornament.

Sam's favorite ornaments.
All decorated and the customary photo taken.

Every year during the Christmas season we talk about taking a little day trip to Leavenworth, which is a Bavarian village, but we never have done it. This year, we decided to go. It's about a 3 hour drive and we have to go over a couple mountain passes to get there, so the weather has to be just right (with no major snow on the road) to go. It was totally worth the drive though. The Christmas lights are so pretty and the shops are lots of fun to look through. There's always alot of snow and there are little hills in town to sled down. Although we didn't take our sleds with us, we had fun watching the little kids go down the sled runs, laughing and giggling all the way down.

Crazy girls!