Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mother's Day Gift

I'm still convinced that I have the best daughters ever! For Mother's Day this year, Amanda bought tickets for her, Sam and I to go to a Mariner's game. She knows how much I love spending time with her and Sam and she also knows how much we love going to a Mariner's game. Sam made me breakfast in bed. She so sweetly got up early in the morning, to make sure she had time to make breakfast for me before I got up. I feel so loved by my daughters! They are such a joy in my life and I absolutely LOVE spending time with them. I love you Amanda and Sam!!!

The ground crew came out during the game to rake the dirt (or whatever it's called) and they did a routine/dance to the music that was playing. It was great!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Priest/Laurel Prom (aka "Mormon Prom")

Every year, the youth in our region has the opportunity to attend the Priest/Laurel Prom. (Better known as the "Mormon Prom" to those that don't know Mormon "lingo".) The main requirements are they have to be 16 years old, know what the standards are and agree to abide by them. Sam has been looking forward to going for a long time. She was asked in February by a young man in our Stake, and went out looking for a dress not long after that. Her friend, Bri, and her date met at our home so we could take pictures and then they were off. They all had a really great time!

Putting the corsage on Sam's arm.

It was, of course, raining......

Being silly.......

I'd say they were tired by the end of the night!