Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I've finally been caught.......

I have somehow managed to avoid being tagged, but thanks to Vera, Marie and (I think) Jeanette (not sure since Cristie is spelled different on your blog) - I now have to do it. Thanks guys!!! (Just remember, I don't get mad.....I get even!)

8 Shows I love to watch:
*Amazing Race
*Dirty Jobs (on the Discovery Channel)
*King of Queens reruns
*Wife Swap
*How it's Made
*Home Improvement reruns
*Cash Cab

8 Favorite restaurants:
*In-N-Out (too bad we don't have any around here!)
*JR's Whistlestop (a local place)
*Olive Garden
*Claim Jumper
*The Ram (another local place)
*Puerto Vallarta (yet another local place)
*Red Lobster

8 Things that happened yesterday:
*Went to a Memorial site with about 80 or so co-workers for one of the bus drivers who lost her 3 daughters (ages 10, 11 and 13) in a house fire this last weekend.
*My bus broke down in the morning, therefore I had to turn back and get another bus.
*Dropped the girls off at the church for Mutual.
*Went shopping at Target with my friend, Cindy.
*Made white chocolate covered popcorn to give to the women I visit teach.
*Called the parents of one of the students on my bus to let them know their son is obnoxious. (Not in those exact words, but that was the bottom line.)
*Pulled left-overs out of the fridge so everyone could find something for dinner. (I love dinners like that!)
*Called the doctor to get lab results.

8 Things I look forward to:
*Going out 4x4'ing in the jeep.
*Christmas shopping!
*The primary program (I play the piano for primary...I just want to get it overwith!)
*Halloween Costume party at the local roller skating rink (a free event put on by our orthodontist.)
*The first snow for the winter.
*Getting my hair cut next week.

8 Things I love about fall:
*Fall colors
*Using my electric blanket
*Getting out the hot chocolate and apple cider for the first time.
*Getting out my hoodie sweatshirts.
*Picking out pumpkins for Halloween and carving them.
*Stepping on crunchy leaves. (Although, they don't get much of a chance to get crunchy around here. It rains too much!)

8 Things on my wish list:
*Get in better shape
*Get new carpet
*Go on a cruise
*A day to myself (the entire day) to scrapbook, eat, and watch movies
*For my girls to have the strength to stand up to peer pressure and remember who they are and what they stand for.
*To watch my girls grow up to be happy, wonderful, caring adults.

8 People I tag:
I don't have 8 people to tag.....most of who I know has already been tagged or has tagged me!!!! Besides....I would NEVER do such a mean thing to someone else..... :-)


Jeff & Jeanette said...

The tag was meant for my friend Christy...but only because i saw you had been tagged twice already, i was being nice :)

The Roberts' said...

Ok - I suppose you're off the hook, Jeanette.....for now!!!! :)

Jill & Jared said...

Ha ha! I have never been Tagged. I guess no one every thinks of me like that...or they just don't want to know that much information. Thanks for not being mean! Oh and where did you get your blog background? The place I normally go is down right now and I want something fallish.