Saturday, October 11, 2008

Amanda's New Letterman's Jacket

Amanda has been saving up her babysitting money and finally got enough to buy a Letterman's jacket. A few weeks ago we ordered it and it finally came in yesterday. She decided to get her jacket this year (as a Junior) so she could wear it for 2 years. She was really excited to pick it up and wear it to the high school football game last night. I think she did a really good job designing her jacket. As you can see, the patch on the back of her jacket includes her saxophone and flute, along with bowling (she's on the bowling team at school every year).


The Smith Family said...

Good idea buying your jacket as a Junior. I got mine as a Senior and only got to use it for a few months in school.

That is a sweet patch!

Darlene said...

Nice jacket Amanda you look great in it.