Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend "fun" (or something like that).....

All week as I'm trying to make it through the work week - I look forward to the weekends, when I can spend a couple days with my girls, doing....well, whatever we do. This morning as I woke up, my head was filled with the plans we had made for today. Fun stuff like, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, etc. I also told the girls I'd treat them to a movie this afternoon, for a job well done on their report cards last week. However - my plans didn't go exactly as I'd planned. I went into our pantry to see what we needed at the grocery store, picked up a bag of cranberries and they started falling out of the bag from the bottom. I looked at the bottom of the bag and what did I see???? A hole that had been CHEWED into it. My next discovery was an enormous bag of pancake mix (think Costco size) with a few holes chewed into it. By the time I was finished, I had filled a big garbage can full of food that the little rodent had gotten into! What fun.... A friend of mine had a glue strip, so we put that in there (immediately!) and then I made a trip to Walmart tonight to get a few more glue strips (I figure the more - the better....right?!) I also purchased plastic containers to put our food into. I'm not taking any more chances! (Sorry - I don't have any pictures of our contaminated pantry.....I was too grossed out to even THINK of taking pictures!)

On the up-side of the day - Sam played in a church basketball game today. I love watching church sports. Along with watching Sam play, I get to hang out and visit with friends of mine from church. As for the movie - we saw "The Hannah Montana Movie". It's actually a pretty good movie. I really enjoyed seeing it.

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April Bishop said...

Brooke had so much fun! Thanks again for taking her. She loved it!