Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Meet Annabelle

She has some of the wierdest sleeping positions!

Sam was soaking in the bathtub, so she curled up on Sam's towel, which was on the floor, and kept her company.

You can see the extra toe on her front paws.

The girls have wanted a pet for a long time and last night we did it! We got a 10 week old orange and white tabby kitten. She's alot of fun to play with and watch. Tonight, as Sam was sitting on the floor in the front room doing homework, she was bouncing around Sam, grabbing at her pencil, smacking her notebook around, jumping onto her pencil case, etc. It is just so much fun to watch her. We've only had her for a day, and we've already fallen in love with her.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

AWWWWW She is SO sweet!!!!

The Haley Family said...

Now you have a mouser. No more mice for you!!!

Karen Hayes said...

Is it going to cost extra to get six toes declawed?

(And no whining from everyone how inhumane that is. Regular-clawed cats are inhumane to my furniture!)

(signed)Inhumane Hayeses