Saturday, June 14, 2008

YEAH! School is out!!!!!

We are finally out of school! Today (June 13th) was our last day! The girls are glad they don't have to get up early for awhile, but they are going to miss seing their friends at school everyday. Amanda spent the afternoon with me running errands (ok - so that isn't a real great way to "celebrate" the end of school), but then she babysat tonight (which is one of her most favorite things to do). Sam was invited to 2 different parties after school today, so she had a busy/fun time with her friends. One party was from 11:15 to 6:00 and the other party was from 4:00-10:00 - so she left the first party an hour early and went to the second party an hour late.....what a way to juggle 2 parties. All-in-all, they both had fun "celebrating" the end of school. Since I work for the school district, I am about as excited as they are to be through with school. I will be driving an occasional field trip during the summer, and I have a few training classes to attend - but it will be so nice to have a break and spend time with my family.

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