Friday, June 13, 2008

Pacific Ballroom Dancing

A couple weeks ago the girls and I, along with my friend, Kim and her girls had a "girls night" out. We went to the mall to help Kim's daughter find a dress, ate dinner out and then went to see the Pacific Ballroom Dancing. This isn't something I would have thought of going to (or know about), but Kim told us about it and thought it would be a fun night out......and she was right! The costumes and dancing were incredible! Some of the songs took Kim and I back a few (or several) years......the first song/dance was "The Hustle". It was great!
I wasn't sure if the pictures would turn out very good, since the room was dark (except for the stage, of course), but they actually didn't turn out too bad. The first picture is when they were doing "The Hustle"!

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