Saturday, August 14, 2010

Girls Camp & College bound

The past week has been so crazy - busy. Amanda spent the week babysitting for a family while the Mom went to girls camp and the Dad was at work, while Sam and I spent the week at girls camp. This was my 4th year going to camp (2 years as head cook and now 2 years as the business specialist). I always have so much fun going. I love being where my girls are and helping out in anyway I can.

Every year the 4th year girls put up tarps and sleep outside one night. (Versus sleeping in the cabin.) This is Sam and her friends taking a break after "building" their campsite.

Having fun singing and doing the motions for camp songs.

Every cabin does a skit one night. This is before their skit. Sam was the Queen of the Britians and her friend, Ashley, was Nicoleian Dynamite. They did a really great job.

Sam and her friend having fun on one of the docks at the lake.

We got back from girls camp Friday (yesterday) and our next adventure starts tomorrow. The time has come for Amanda to "fly the coop". She spent yesterday and today packing up her clothes, shoes, etc. This is part of what she's taking....the rest is still in her room, ready to come down and be packed into the cars. She's very excited (and, I'm sure, a little scared) to be out on her own. I'm going to miss her like crazy, but I know she'll do great!

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