Friday, August 20, 2010

Amanda's new home

We made a fast trip to Cedar City this week to take Amanda to college. When we got to Boise, we stayed with Brenda and Andrew for a day, then Amanda and I continued on, while Sam stayed in Boise.
We had a great time playing Putt-Putt Golf.

After dinner we walked over the park in their neighborhood. Brenda, Amanda, Sam and I had a good time on the teeter-totter.

On the way through Salt Lake City, we stopped at the University Hospital to see Matti. She flies Air-Med and she took us up to the roof where the helicopter is. It was very interesting to see where she works and to see the helicopter.

Our last stop (for Amanda, that is) was in Cedar City. We spent all day Wednesday getting her set up....parking pass, mailbox, papers signed, moving her stuff into her room, etc. Four of Marie & Joe's children helped us pack her stuff in and then helped Amanda decorate her walls. She had removable stickers to put on the walls. I love the way it turned out. Once she gets the pictures hung up, it's going to look even better!

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