Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pre-Graduation happenings

Today was Amanda's last day of high school. (Everyone else gets out on the 21st.) It seems like she just was in Kindergarten. Now she's my beautiful, grown up daughter, ready to take on the world. But first, there's a couple things that need to be done. (Very important things, I might add.)

First on the list: Decorate the cars!

Looks like Sam is a little graffiti-happy. Hmm...maybe I should be worried??

Second on the list: Have a party and celebrate!

Our friend, April, made this amazing cake for Amanda. She always does such a great job!

April (holding her daughter, Sam) and Amanda. She absolutely LOVED her cake!

These 2 very special ladies have played such a huge part in our lives the past year and a half. They have shown Amanda just how special and amazing she is.

Kassie & Amanda have been friends since Kindergarten. Kassie goes to a different high school, so they haven't seen each other in a long time. It was really great to see Kassie, her mom and sister again and to have them share in Amanda's celebration.

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Vera said...

The cars look great! Congratulations to Amanda!!!