Monday, June 7, 2010

Japanese exchange students

This past weekend, Graham Kapowsin High School (the school Amanda attends) hosted some Japanese exchange students from Tamana High School, in Kumamoto, Japan. We enjoyed having 2 of the girls stay with us in our home. It was very interesting to learn about their culture and look at pictures of their school, home and families.

When they arrived at the high school, they were welcomed with a big banner that said "Welcome to GK".

Playing the Wii was a big hit!

When we got home with our 2 girls and they saw the bus parked next to the house, they started squealing and laughing. They told us there aren't any yellow school buses where they live. They were fascinated!

On Saturday, both bands practiced for the concert for over 3 hours and then we all met at GK for a BBQ. The weather has been raining pretty much every day for the past few months, so we were thinking we'd be eating inside. But the weather turned out to be amazing! It was sunny and warm. This is a group picture after we ate and the students played some games.

The concert was on Sunday afternoon at Pacific Lutheran University in Parkland (pretty close to where we live). When we were there on Saturday for the practice session, a man from PLU played this pipe organ for us. The sound was beyond amazing! We all just sat there completely and totally mesmerized!

Tamana High School Band. I could have listened to them play all day.

Both bands together - GK and Tamana HS

After the concert, we went back to GK for dinner & a little program.

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Anonymous said...

If only we had a time machine (or something that could repeat those 4 days over and over).

Thanks for driving me to the Concert that one day. =)