Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

As the girls get older, our Halloween Evenings get easier and easer. I don't miss walking from house to house in the cold (and, sometimes, rain), trick or treating. But I do miss watching the excitement on their faces as they dressed up in their costumes and ran up and down the streets, from house to house.

This year our Halloween was relatively quiet. On Friday night, we carved pumpkins and had a great time doing it. The girls' pumpkins turned out really good. Mine, on the other hand....not so great! I wasn't really paying attention and cut a big huge hole in the middle of it!

On Saturday we made "mummy" and "monster finger" cookies.
That afternoon/evening, Amanda took a friend's daughter trick or treating at the mall and Sam went to a Halloween Party at a friends house. I played "taxi-cab" and dropped Sam off at her party, then went back out to pick her up! We didn't even have any trick or treaters at our home! (Which was really wierd! It didn't even seem like Halloween night!) Like I was a quiet weekend.

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April Bishop said...

Love the cookies. You gotta watch out while carving pumpkins...The girl's turned out great. What did Sam dress up as for her party?