Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Golf, anyone?

In the school district the girls attend, 9th Grade students attend the junior high - but technically they're in high school. SO - the 9th Graders are allowed to play sports on the high school teams. Sam was originally thinking of being on the swim team with Graham-Kapowsin High School (the school Amanda attends), but decided to be on the golf team, instead. We borrowed a set of golf clubs from a friend of ours and off she went. She's never played golf before (except for putt-putt golf) and she started going to practice a couple weeks late - but she is a fantastic golfer! She's done so good, the coach has had her play on the varsity team for some of the matches! Since the matches are all around 2:30-3:00, I haven't been able to be at any of her games, so I had to settle for taking pictures of her in our driveway. WAY TO GO, SAM!!!


The Haley Family said...

Next time you come down bring your clubs and we will go!!

Malma said...

congrats sam! Golfing is the BEST!

Jill & Jared said...

Wow! A golfer? I would have said swimming since that is what I do myself... but hey, do what you love right? I'll know better than to challenge you!