Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another school year.....

School actually started back up last week (Sept 8th), but things have been so crazy - I haven't had time to post anything. I also forgot to take pictures on the first day, so we had to "pretend" a couple days later. Between the girls busy schedule (getting back into the routine of homework, band, sports, etc) and me working for the school district - the beginning of a new school year is a crazy, hectic time for us.

Amanda is really excited for school this year because she's a senior! It's hard to believe my "baby" will be graduating in June! (She hates it when I do that!) Along with getting organized for her classes, she's been busy looking into colleges, filling applications out, signing up to take the ACT and SAT Tests and everything that comes with college. She (of course) plays her flute and saxophone in the Band and will be on the Bowling League with school again this year.

Sam is in 9th Grade this year, so this is her last year in Jr. High. She's in 2 Honors classes, has 10th grade math and is, of course, planning on doing her usual sports this year. She was disgusted the first day of school when someone called her a "sevey"....meaning they thought she was a seventh grader!

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