Sunday, August 16, 2009

A week at Girls Camp

We just got back home yesterday (Saturday) from spending the week at girls camp. We had a ton of fun "camping" (we slept in little cabins) and just being outdoors. The girls had fun being with friends, learning about nature, swimming in the lake, etc. Amanda was a YCL (Youth Camp Leader) and was in charge of helping a group of 1st year girls for the week. I was the Business Specialist this year, so I spent alot of time before camp keeping track of all the registration forms, going to meetings, ordering t-shirts and sweatshirts and making sure things were organized. It was lots of work, but so worth it. Once we got to camp, I was also the camp photographer - which, we all know, is my favorite thing to do!

Amanda with the craft ladies. They were awesome!

One of the activities was a pie eating contest. One person stood on the bench, while the other person lay on the ground with a little pie shell on their forhead. The person on the bench had a little bag with pudding in it and they had to drop the pudding into the pie shell. Then the person on the ground had whip cream put on top of the pie and then ate it. As you can see, not all of the pudding landed in the pie shell!

Early in the morning, before anyone jumped into the lake for the polar dip.

One of the few times the girls actually saw each other.

Amanda and her friend, Tezra.

The whole group!

Sam and her friends from school, Brianne and Megan. They were in the same cabin together.


Veronica said...

that your wole group!!! omg! we had 8 girls total in our ward!

April Bishop said...

That's a lot of tye-dyeing! The shirts look great! Take a deep breath, kick up your feet, you can finally relax... And sort through 1000 pictures...