Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The pioneers walked and walked and walked......

The girls had the opportunity of going on a Pioneer Trek a couple weeks ago. (I'm not so sure they'd call it an "opportunity" - but that's my word for it!) The night before they left on Trek there was a big dinner, where they found out who their new "families" were and to have their bags checked to make sure they had everything. (And to make sure there were no cell phones smuggled in.) Then on Thursday morning at 5:30, (yes - IN THE MORNING), they all met at the church to load up on buses and begin their adventure. They were dropped off in the middle of nowhere (actually, it was at the base of Mt Rainier), where there were handcarts waiting for them. There was also a chicken for each family, to put into a wooden crate and keep with them for a couple days (until it became "dinner"). They walked, pulled the handcarts, played pioneer games, sang songs and crossed a river three different times, from Thursday morning until Saturday afternoon. It was a great way for them to gain a better appreciation for what our ancestors went through so many years ago. All-in-all, the girls had a good time.

When asked how it went, this is what I heard:

*Sam is REALLY glad she has the Mom and Dad she has, instead of her temporary ones. (I WILL be reminding her of this the next time she complains about the "injustices of life".)
*Amanda is glad she has the sister she has and not the ones in her temporary family. (This, too, will be a reminder in future situations!)
*Amanda never wants to see a handcart again.
*Sam can't wait to do it again in 4 years!

Go figure!!!

Before leaving for the church, I made them "pose" in their pioneer attire! Don't they look thrilled to be going? (Actually, it was having to be up so early they weren't so thrilled with.)

Sam with her "Ma and Pa".

Amanda with her "Ma and Pa"

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April Bishop said...

Fun, fun, fun... Or something...I'm glad they had a "good" time and made it back safe. We miss you guys. We'll see you in a few weeks... Have a good rest of summer!