Friday, June 5, 2009

A Special Evening for Amanda

Tonight was a special night for Amanda. In Seminary, the students have an opportunity to receive The Stake President's Award. When she was starting 9th Grade (and her first year in Seminary), she made a goal for herself to get this award all 4 years. Well, tonight marked her 3rd year. (Next year - her Senior year - will be year number 4, of course.) Our Stake Presidency cooks a really nice dinner for them and gives them a special book. They really go to alot of work to make it a special evening for the kids who receive this award. (And there aren't very many of them.......only 15 students out of about 80.) Some of the requirements are: 90% attendance, memorize the 25 Scripture Mastery Scriptures and read the scriptures for 200 days throughout the school year (which is almost every day). She has early morning Seminary, too, which makes it just that much harder. I am so proud of Amanda for working so hard to get this award. She's an amazing Young Woman!

Sadly, I don't have any pictures of her special night. Parents don't get to go. :-(

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April Bishop said...

They should have a dinner for all the moms who have gotten those 15 students to early morning seminary 90% of the time... Way to go Amanda!