Friday, June 19, 2009

And the wisdom is gone....

Oral Surgeon - $3200+

Pain Medications - $9.00

Ice Packs - $5.00

Rope to tie ice packs to head - $2.00

One Sleepy child off in la-la land - priceless!!

Amanda went to the oral surgeon this morning to have her wisdom teeth taken out. In an earlier post, I mentioned that she had 5 wisdom teeth. Usually, when there's an extra tooth like that, the extra one comes out fairly easily when the one next to it is pulled out. Well, in Amanda's case, that wasn't the way it happened! They had a really hard time getting the 5th tooth out, making her recovery time alot more painful, longer and (most likely) a big bruise on her left jaw. So far today, she's been on 2 different kinds of pain medicine constantly....waking up long enough to eat a little applesauce and go back to sleep.

Poor Amanda! I think it's going to be a very L-O-N-G week for her!

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