Monday, March 9, 2009

Sam's new hobby

At Sam's school they have study time incorporated into their schedule. It's an actual "class" where the kids can work on homework or get extra help from a teacher during this time. They also have clubs the students can go to during this time a couple times a week if they are up-to-date with their homework, grades, etc. Well, one of Sam's teachers teaches crocheting for those that want to learn and be in a crochet club. Sam and several of her friends decided this would be fun and joined the club. Within a week or so she was hooked! She loves it! To start off with, she crocheted headbands or scarves for several of her friends for Christmas. Then the club decided to make blankets to donate to a local hospital to give to kids with cancer. Sam learned how to crochet granny squares, sewed them together and then crocheted a border around it. She did a great job and was really excited to be able to help a child in need.

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April Bishop said...

Nice work Sam! Looks great!