Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Head for the hills......

Even this tree (crooked and all) is better than the one we had last year!

Hannah and Amanda goofing off.

Sam and Hannah taking a little hike.

This last weekend we went out in the jeep again. It's always nice to get out of town and into the mountains. We were kind of looking for a Christmas Tree, but figured that if we didn't find one we liked, we would just go to a Christmas Tree Farm this next weekend. Last year we got a tree from the mountains, but it was kind of ugly...(ok, it was really ugly) - so the girls and I are determined to get a tree that has enough branches on it to actually hold our ornaments. (Think Charlie Brown tree before they decorated it!!!!) Anyway, we were able to go further up than we have ever been able to during winter due to lack of snow. Amanda's friend, Hannah, has been wanting to go jeeping with us so she went along, too. We met up with 10 other families and all went out together. It's nice to go with other people, that way if we get stuck someone else is there to pull us out.

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