Sunday, November 30, 2008

School Sports

Amanda is currently on the Bowling Team with school. (The season goes from November to January every school year.) Every day after school they take a bus to the local bowling alley to practice, except for game days, when they either play at the same bowling alley or they travel to another alley in the area. I love watching her bowl - her facial expressions are great when she gets a strike or if the ball goes where she didn't intent for it to go. She loves being on the bowling team and is getting better and better all the time.

Samantha tried out for basketball and made the JV team at her school. It's fun to watch the difference between when she's sitting on the sideline and when she's on the court. She goes from being relaxed and chatting with her friends to an "up-in-your-face - I'm going to run you down" child on the court. She's having a great time playing basketball.

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