Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Moving Day/Week

I think the packing and the heat was getting to Sam! She decided to see if the bags were as durable as they claim to be! What a nut!

I've been debating whether to post this or not, but since this was a wonderful step for our family - I decided to go ahead. On Monday, June 30th, the girls and I moved back into the house with Andy.

Our last day of school was Friday, June 13th and the next week we started getting the girls rooms at the house ready to paint. Amanda's room was painted white and then we put the grandstaff (from a sheet of music) midway up the wall all around the room in black with musical notes. We haven't quite gotten the musical notes put up yet, but it's going to look so cool when we're done. Sam's room was painted blue with white trim. She didn't want any extra decorating painted on the walls because she has lots of stuff from church, school, etc. that she likes to hang up. They both love the new look of their rooms. After the painting was done, we spent the next week packing boxes and getting for the move. Of course, as our luck runs, we were in the middle of a heat wave again! The temp was in the high 90's with no air conditioning! Our friends let us use their enclosed trailer that week, so as we got boxes packed up, we put them in the trailer. It was a lot of work, but it was worth it! It feels really good being back in the house and being together as a family again. I feel so blessed to have a caring and loving husband and 2 awesome daughters.

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Vera said...

Congratulations on this big step in your lives!