Monday, May 5, 2008

More weekend fun....

Samantha's soccer team held their end-of-the-season party at the local putt-putt golf place. They also have go-carts and batting cages, which are always fun to do, too. Samantha went off with her friends to play a round of golf, while Andy and I played a round of golf on a different course than her and her friends. (Apparantly, it's embarrassing to have your PARENTS golfing anywhere NEAR you!) I did sneak over to where she was at and took some pictures, though. (After-all, that IS my job!) On the go-carts, Sam had the misfortune to get a slow cart - which didn't set well with her at all! She's a little maniac on the go-carts! We've decided that she's never getting her drivers license - she has no fear! The first time she went on a go-cart, she wasn't tall enough to drive herself, so she rode with me. I WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! She YELLED at me for having the nerve to slow down slightly so someone wouldn't run into me! She also kept yelling, "Faster, faster!!! What a whimpy driver!" Like I said.....never again! Anyway, here are some pictures from our afternoon of fun.

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