Friday, May 9, 2008

Amanda's First Prom!

Amanda and 2 of her friends went to their first prom tonight! (I can't believe how fast time flies by. It seems like just yesterday she was a little girl......) Anyway, they went to the Priest/Laurel Prom (at the church). We thought finding a modest dress would be a huge challenge, but a friend of ours told us about a website that sells modest dresses for a pretty decent price. We checked it out and ended up ordering one. A lady we know from church is an amazing semstress, and Amanda just so happens to be their babysitter - so Amanda exchanged babysitting for alterations on the dress. It was a great deal! I took pictures of Amanda and Hannah getting ready for the dance, then when we got to Heather's house we took pictures of all three of them, and then after we got to the church I took yet MORE pictures!!! (I kept teasing Amanda by telling her I was going to follow them inside the building to take pictures of the dinner and then to the dance to take pictures there, too. For some reason she didn't want me to do that! Hmmmm....I wonder why!?!) Andy and I gave them a ride to the church building in Puyallup, which is where they ate dinner, and then Heather's Mom gave them a ride to the building in Sumner for the dance. All three of them looked so nice in their prom dress. It was fun for them to get all dressed up and make their hair look nice for a fun night out.

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