Wednesday, January 9, 2008

High school fun....

Her bowling ball and shoes are pink - of course!

Amanda has been enjoying her first year in high school this year. Being in the band means she played in all the football games and now they're playing in the basketball games. (The football team went to the quarter finals in Spokane, Wa and they went over on the bus. She had a total blast!) Now she's learning to play the alto saxaphone and she's trying out for the jazz band on the piano. She LOVES her music! Also this year, she decided to try something new and joined the bowling team at school. She wasn't very good at first, but she's gotten really good over the past couple of months. All her practices and games are at 3:15 and I can't get there by then to take pictures, so we went bowling the other night so that I could take pictures of her bowling and with her bowling ball and shoes. (She'd probably be mortified if I showed up at practice and took pictures of her, anyway - but when has that ever stopped me before???) Anyway, here are some pictures of Amanda's fun times this year.

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