Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Amanda's music!

Amanda was asked by the music coordinator of our Ward (who is also Amanda's piano teacher) to play either a flute solo or a piano/flute duet with me in church. She chose to do a duet (misery loves company, I suppose) and we started looking for a song to play. I have the greatest music book with all kinds of solo's, duets, 3 and 4 musical instruments, etc. When I saw this book, I had to have it. Our absolute favorite church song is "Come Thou Fount" and that song just so happens to be in the's even written to be played as a piano/flute duet. At first Amanda wasn't real thrilled about playing in Sacrament Meeting, but after we found the song, she got excited about it. The song is so beautiful, especially when it's played on the flute. I had to concentrate really hard when I was playing my part, or I would have started to cry. After we finished our song, as we were walking back to our seats, I saw several people wiping their eyes. Amanda has gotten really good at playing the flute and I was VERY proud of her. She did an amazing job!
I tried to download the music for everyone to listen to it, but I'm having dificulties. (Matti, if you have any tips as to how I can do it, please let me know. :) )

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