Monday, November 12, 2012

Homecoming Dance

Last month was the Homecoming Dance at Sam's school. James asked Sam to the dance at the football game a few weeks before the dance. He asked the cheerleaders to spell out "HC?" with their pompoms and he was standing near them with a big (huge) board that said "SAM" on it and he was holding a boquet of roses. She was very surprised!  The top left picture is her reaction, the top right is James holding the roses and the bottom is (obviously) both of them together.
The day of the dance, our friend, Andrea, did Sam's hair and make-up. She did a GREAT job and Sam looked so nice!

James had a bow tie that wasn't a clip on and he didn't know how to tie it, so Sam looked up a video on YouTube and tied it for him.
Taking care of the boutineer and coursage....

The finished results! They looked really nice and had a great time!!


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