Monday, March 7, 2011

Got forks???

The high school that Sam attends is holding the yearly Tolo (girls ask guys dance) this coming weekend. A couple weeks ago, Sam decided that she wanted to ask a friend of hers to the dance. She knew she wanted to "fork" his lawn - as a way of asking him - but wanted to make sure he knew she was asking "as a friend". I was chatting with my friend April one night and between her, Sam and I we came up came up with the following: "I like dances, I like rolos. Be my friend and go to tolo."

Sam put a letter on each fork and put them in the ground in rows. (With blank forks in between letters.) She then put each letter of her name on a rolo and added them to a bag of rolos, which she left on his door step. She had a really great time doing all this. Not too long after she got home, she got a text from him saying, "I like dances and I like rolos. So I'll be your friend and go to tolo."

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