Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pre-Thanksgiving snow!

We've had the craziest week! Sunday night it started to snow.....enough to cause school to be delayed 2 hours on Monday morning. It snowed all day Monday, but didn't build up much on the roads. After I got home from work, Sam and I headed for the grocery store to get some last minute food items for Thanksgiving. When we went into the store, the snow was starting to come down faster and it was starting to stick a little. When we came out (45 min later) the parking lot was completely white, the roads were snow packed and hard to get any traction going. By the next morning Western WA had anywhere from 6 - 10 inches of snow! This is the first time since 1985 that Western Washington has seen this much snow before Thanksgiving. After not getting any snow last year and hardly any the year before, this is has been so much fun! School was canceled both Tuesday and Wednesday, so this has turned out to be a very relaxing week. (Our school district boundries cover 215 square miles and has lots of backroads and hills, which makes it very difficult for the buses to get around.)

Sam had a great time sledding down the drive-way.
Sam's white snow pants and the snow covering her coat makes her almost blend in with the snow.

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Lacia said...

That's so pretty!!! We haven't really had any snow yet. We've had some fall, but none stick.