Saturday, July 10, 2010

On the road again.....

Early yesterday morning we left home and headed for Boise, ID. After driving awhile I was getting really tired, so I decided a good way to keep awake would be to find a radio station(s) that played 80's music and sing along with the radio. I had a great time! The girls, on the other hand, rolled their eyes at me and said things like, "Mom! You are so embarrasing!" (Perfect! Exactly what I was going for.)

Sam's way of passing the time in the car. (Before the singing started! LOL)

My niece, Brenda, let us stay at her home last night. We had alot of fun visiting and playing with her adorable little boys. Thanks again for letting us stay with you Brenda!

Deker outside with his lawn mower

Amanda holding Bauer

Sam went outside and played soccer with Keagan.

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