Friday, October 16, 2009

Got paint?

Awww.....can you feel the love??

This is on the moon roof!

Yesterday for Amanda's birthday, Sam and I decided to "decorate" Amanda's car during school. It's been raining quite a but this week, and I was afraid we'd have to cancel our birthday plans, but we actually had one sunny day this week......what perfect luck! (Although I'm sure Amanda doesn't think it's so lucky!) There were a few staff members from the school that drove by looking at us like we were something evil, but only one (someone we actually know real well) came to see what we were up to. When he saw what we were doing, he thought it was pretty funny. As you can see from the pictures, Sam was pretty excited about it and started having WAY too much fun.

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April Bishop said...

Looks great! Have fun tonight ladies!