Saturday, February 7, 2009

Amanda and her music

This past week has been a really busy one for Amanda. She participated in the Mountain Region High School Instrumental Solo & Ensemble Contest today, so she's been busy practicing and getting ready for it. First Amanda played in a Saxophone Quartet and then she accompanied two of her friends on the piano in two different songs (one played the saxophone and the other played the flute). So she had to learn 2 pieces of music on the piano and one on the sax for the quartet. I took pictures while they were practicing while waiting for their turn and then my camera battery died. I was really bummed!
Everyone was assigned a time and room to be in to play their music for a judge. When it was their turn, they were to give a copy of their music to the judge in the room. Then when they were done playing, the judge would give them tips on how to improve their playing and what their strong points were. They were also given a score.....1+ being the best score you can get and so on. The quartet she played in received a score of 1 and are now qualified to go to State! They sounded really good (of course, I'm not biased or anything). Way to go Amanda! I am really proud of her and her ability to play 3 different musical instruments. Her love of music is amazing.

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