Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Beach Clean-up

Checking in and getting our garbage bags and gloves.

We drove to the "end" of the beach where the jetty is and climbed on the rocks for awhile. I loved watching (and taking pictures) of the water splashing onto the rocks.

Playing football on the beach.

This is a group photo of all the jeeps that were there. (I believe there were 38 jeeps all lined up.)

This last weekend there was a 10 mile beach clean-up, so we joined a group of people (from the Jeep Forum online) and went to Ocean Shores to participate. We all met in Tacoma and drove to Ocean Shores as a group. Once we got there, we checked in, were given garbage bags and gloves and were told which stretch of the beach we were assigned to. After picking up trash for a couple hours, we drove back to the check-in area and were served lunch. After that we went back to the beach and played around for the rest of the afternoon.

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