Saturday, April 12, 2008

Daffodil Parade

Every year we look forward to the Daffodil Parade. Before Amanda started playing in the band, we only went if it wasn't cold and raining (which was about half the time). Now we go regardless of the weather, to show support for Amanda. We love to really embarass her as she marches by us by screaming out her name and telling her we love her. She tries not to smile and avoids looking at us - but I'm sure deep down she likes it. And if she doesn't like it - oh well......that's never stopped us from embarassing her before.

After seeing quite a bit of rain this past week, we've had AWESOME weather yesterday and today! The temp was in the low 80's today, which was great! It was so exciting to break out the capri's/shorts and t-shirts this morning! Even though we all got sunburned, it was nice to sit in the sun and enjoy the parade.

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The Haley Family said...

You should have yelled at her for us to!!